2018 Vancouver Sun Run

Experience the 2018 Vancouver Sun Run the best way, with your friends from PEN RUN!!

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When opportunity-meets-need, events like the Vancouver Sun Run can’t help but become one of the premier running and mass-fitness gatherings, in the world.

The SUN RUN had no choice, really, but to be born and well-raised in Vancouver. The stunning city-scape was already here; the civic commitment to maintain natural beauty, picturesque neighbourhoods and vibrant retail was here over 30 years ago. Dr. Doug and Diane Clement and their friend Dr. Jack Taunton were here too, and still are today.

Then throw-in Olympians and former Sun Run-winners like Lynn Kanuka and Paul Williams; first-ever winner Rob Lonergan; and the likes of Graeme Fell, Phil Ellis, along with Sue Lee and Debbie Scott-Bowker… and you could tell something special was brewing here in the mid 1980’s.

These and other young athletes gathered in Vancouver to run under the influence of training-and-sport medicine experts Doug and Jack -- or with Thelma Wright, and always with great inspiration and food created by Diane Clement – and they could see with their mentors the need for a world-class event in the city.

That’s how Canada’s largest 10K road race and fun-run happened for the first time in 1985, and that’s why it happened in Vancouver.

Today, the Vancouver Sun Run continues to promote the benefits of running, jogging and walking to improve health and fitness for all; and to support elite amateur athletics. The first event attracted 3,200 participants in 1985; an incredible 43,000+ signed-up for the event in 2016, with all participants taking in the scene-stealing Vancouver scenery, and exciting event weekend atmosphere.

Through the years this run in-particular has captured the hearts and imagination of so many Canadians who simply want to improve their health and wellbeing. It also features a stunning array of top-flight international competitors, with thousands-upon-thousands of racers, runners and weekend warriors descending upon the streets of Vancouver in celebration of ‘Sun Run Sunday’!