About us

The PEN RUN Story

Peninsula Runners was founded in 1996 by Canadian Olympians, national record-holders and multiple Vancouver Sun Run winners Paul Williams and Lynn Kanuka.

In a nutshell, 3-time Olympic runner Paul had a vision for White Rock: a multi-purpose community for fitness consulting, coaching and unique 1-to-1 retail relationships… and after a busy 20-year athletic career, a place he and his friends and family could call home.

It’s now 20 years later, and Paul and his team have realized that vision, and both the story and family continues to grow. From high-performance athletes to those of us who walk our dogs every day, PEN RUN is there to help everyone find their own path to fitness and well-being. And seeing how running and fitness is pretty-much the family business (Paul’s grandfather Jack Tait started it all by competing in both the 1908 and 1912 Olympic Games for Canada), don’t be surprised to see the next generation of Williams’ athletes and knowledgeable staff or family friends serving you in-store, leading a run group, and sharing their own great tales.

It’s a second-home in a way for all them, and for experienced staff who are always-passionate about the advice they give, the service they provide, and the fitness-and-fun they produce…

All to ensure that we fit you best, for life.