FALL 2017 Peninsula Runners

HALF & Full Marathon Clinic!

(aka 301 and the 401)

Fall 2017 PR Marathon & HALF Marathon Club (aka 301 and the 401)


When does the next one start??

The first session starts on Wednesday June 14, 2017 followed by Saturday, June 17th.

The Wednesday night workout at 6:30 PM is with past national champion Phil Ellis (he has a 28.40 10K and 63 minute ½ marathon best). We strongly recommend you attend this session as this can make the difference in achieving your goals. This type of running gives you strength and speed to help you run more efficiently and ultimately faster.

Saturday morning long runs are fully supported and Dave will make sure you have a fun route to run on!

How far should I be able to run before joining the ½ or full marathon program??

You should be able to comfortably run about 40 minutes in duration in order to train for the ½ marathon and 60 minutes for the marathon. If you do not want to RUN a half marathon but would like to walk one then the 401 group is for you! We will get you ready to walk a half marathon which is becoming very popular these days!

Why join a full or ½ marathon training program??

Our program design is specifically developed to assist individuals in making the transition from shorter distance runs through to the full marathon distance. At Peninsula Runners we work hard to provide a safe, informative, fun, motivating, and rewarding clinic atmosphere. Everyone is welcome no matter what your pace is.

How long is the program??

The ½ and full marathon training program is 16 to 18 weeks long depending on which event you plan to run. We will help prepare and guide you to participate in a half or full marathon. This fall the goal events are the Royal Victoria half or full marathon on October 8th or the Granville Half Marathon in Vancouver on October 22rd, 2017. However the schedule can be adapted to other races.

How much will it cost and where do we run from and what does it include??

The cost of the program is $100 for the early entry if you join by June 14th, 2016 or $120 regular entry after June 14th (taxes included). This includes; a Saturday morning long run, a Wednesday night workout, and a $25 gift card to put towards any running shoes we carry and 10% discount on store purchases in the store at all times. We will also provide you with a training plan that will help guide you through the program.

Most of the workouts will start and finish at our Langley Store. Each week we try to run our long runs on different scenic courses. Come find out why everyone in our clinic is having so much fun and success. Our goal is to help prepare you to enjoy your running experience & want to continue running for a lifetime. Not sure if this group is for you?

Come check us out and run with us one time for FREE!