Pen run / williams olympic history

Paul Williams' grandfather, Jack Tait, at the start of the men's 1500 metre final in the 1908 Olympic Games. Jack is second from-right with the maple leaf on his shirt.

Jack Tait - Wikipedia

Group photo of the Canadian 'Track & Field' Team, 1908 Olympics (Jack is first-row 'seated', far right... and Paul's great-uncle Will Tait is back-row, second from left -- in his role as a manager/trainer for the team)

Canada, during the 'Team Parade' at Opening Ceremonies - 1908 Olympics

Jack Tait and his mates, including the inimitable Tom Longboat, at the start of the 1908 Olympic Marathon:

Paul Williams competing in the 10,000 metres at the Los Angeles Summer Olympics, 1984

Paul in the 5,000 metre event at the Seoul Olympics, 1988

Paul hangs tough in the 10,000 metre semi-final in Barcelona, 1992... his third and final Olympic Games.

Generation 2016: BC and Canadian running star Luc Bruchet competed gamely in the 5,000 metre event at the Summer Olympics in Rio, 2016.