The PEN RUN Walk / Learn-to-Run /

Run-Stronger Club


Aiming to maintain or advance your overall fitness and well-being?

Ready to learn-to-run or run stronger?

We have the program option for you!

Three integrated program levels start on a Tuesday each January, May, and September (Tuesday September 12, 2017 starts the next session!) meeting in our White Rock store at 6:15 pm, every Tuesday night after that for 12 weeks.

Anyone with an interest in improving their fitness and learning more about the sport of of fitness-walking, jogging and running in a fun and social atmosphere, is qualified to join. We offer three distinct program-levels for everyone:

The Fitness-Walk, Learn-to-Run/Run Easy and Run Stronger programs offer a safe and gradual introduction to improved fitness, fun run and race-event preparation. The Run Stronger club will achieve more ambitious, steady-state training runs, sooner. Each level features the ‘Walk-Jog-Run’ technical progression, including a total of 3 sessions per week, until you’re finally walking fast or running comfortably for 40 minutes+, 3-4 times per week... at a pace which will then allow you to walk or run a 5K – 10K event with comfort and flare!!

Some people want to relieve stress or lose weight, on the way to improving their ability to run safely, and better, every week. Our program-design is specifically developed to help you gain strength and safe running technique.

The PEN RUN Walk/Learn-to-Run/Run Stronger Club is fun, effective and full of learning-and-development for all.


The cost of the Run Club program is $80.

This includes up-to 14 Tuesday night workouts co-created and supervised by lead coach and former Olympian LYNN KANUKA, guiding our team of experienced Run Leaders at PEN RUN's White Rock location.

You'll enjoy a 10% discount on all store purchases, any time, a 20% coupon discount for that special purchase, and a club-members only shopping night in the store. Join our ongoing Loyalty Program and receive even bigger discounts!

We also provide a training schedule and tips to guide you through each week of the program. Guest speakers, experienced coaches and fantastic routes help inform, inspire & improve your walk-jog and running. If you are interested in attending our Tuesday Night Run Club on a more casual basis, there is a drop in fee-option of only $10 per night.

Download Registration Form Here or visit our store in person to register.