PR CLUB 2024

Why join the Club??

If you love running, want to improve and enjoy running with others join the club! You will be able to join any of our running groups and enjoy your time training and running with others.

If you join the PR Club you will also get a PR clothing item and also a technical PR Langley Run shirt, Also, by being a member you enjoy the 10% discount on regular priced store merchandise as well as priority on special offers and shopping nights!

When are the clinics??

Throughout the year (starting Jan 3rd, 2024) there are 3 clinics for all levels focusing on shorter distances, and twice a year we offer a Half and or Full Marathon Clinics starting in January and June. With all clinics, there is a Wednesday evening workout at 5.15 or 6:00 PM, and depending on what distance you’re doing, there is a Saturday morning run at 7:00 AM.

Where do we run from??

We usually run from our new store, however, we sometimes meet at other locations for variety. By being part of the Club, you will be on an e-mail list which updates you of any news or changes in start location.

Who can join the Club??

The Club is for anyone that is interested in being consistent with their running and likes to enjoy the social benefits of running with a group, regardless if they’re training for a specific event or not. We have many events throughout the year that we participate in and often extracurricular activities are planned.

At Peninsula Runners we are passionate about running & hope we help you enjoy the sport like we do. If there is anything you would like to have us change or add to make your running experience with us better please let us know.

How much does it cost to join the club for the year??

Sign up by December 31, 2023 an it costs $200 (includes tax). January 1,2024 and the cost goes to $220. If you sign up just for the Spring marathon group the cost is $100 by December 31 and $120 afterwards. However you do not get the PR clothing item.