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Products and Services You Need To Get Started and Keep Going - At Pen Run we carry the brands you can trust. Whether for running, jogging, walking or life, we have plenty of stock so you can simply get started and keep going. Find the right advice, the shoes that fit, and the athletic wear you need with the comfort and style you want.

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Finding the right fit for your feet - in shoes you’ll love and that really work for you -- is what PEN RUN and our staff are all about. With a FREE Gait Analysis and initial fitness assessment, you’ll get the fit you need for the fitness you deserve. Here’s just a sample of the great brands, selection and stock you’ll find in-store:

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You’ve got the shoes to help you get fit and stay there… whether you’re running, jogging or walking. Now outfit yourself for comfort, safety and a great look, with stunning athletic apparel and the latest tech-fabric fashions that let you breathe, work hard and get where you want to go in style:

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PEN RUN has the perfect line-up of athletic accessories you need, from moisture wicking socks to lightweight, weather-proof caps and gloves… to heart rate monitors, activity trackers and much, much more:

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Make Your Fitness Real - True, long-term fitness requires commitment and opportunity, every week and month. You’ll find the opportunity, the help and the friends in our weekly PEN RUN Run clubs.

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